Facilities & Product
…from cocoa beans to direct consumption...

Our customers have always reckoned Danora as a reliable cocoa products supplier.  With The current installed capacity of approximately 14,400 metric tons per year, Danora has served many loyal customers throughout the globe such as: Asia, America, Europe, and Australia.

In conjunction with increasing demand from customers and realizing Company’s objective to develop its end products, the management is currently planning to improve its factory’s grinding capacity in the near future. With the full and positive support from current stakeholders, our management is very enthusiastic and challenged to tread Danora’s new journey ahead.

Under the new management, Danora’s factory productivity is growing steadily since its establishment. Currently, the factory is designed to produce processed cocoa products such as: cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa cake, and cocoa liquor / cocoa mass

Through suggestions and many supports from customers, the management is currently planning to develop and upgrade factory’s machineries to enable Danora produce diversified processed products, particularly retail products for customers direct consumption. Using European standard machineries, start in 2019 we begin to produce other chocolate products such as: compound, blocks, chips, fillings, etc