Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is a pure, stable vegetable fat that is cold pressed out of cocoa beans. it melts at body temperature and gives chocolate its unique mouthfeel.




Confectioner's Coating



Creams & Fillings

Quality Information

The Product is produced from non – GMO or allergenic materials, it is edible grade and is fit for human consumption. These specifications apply to an average sample covering the goods when they leave the factory or the production plant.


25 Kg net weight, packed solid in blocks craft carton box and 1 innerlayer of plastic bags HDPE 35 micron complying with international standards. Carton box will be labeled with product type, production code, net weight and shelf life.

Shelf life

24 Months from date of manufacture, keeping in original packaging and under optimum storage conditions.

Optimum Storage Conditions

Temperature : 15 – 20 ‘ C, RH : <60% in clean, Dry well ventilated storage, Away from sunlight, Free from strong odors.