The benefits of chocolate for us

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Do you know how to make your day happy and always get a good mood in your activities? with a happy mood, of course we will become more productive in carrying out all the work.
You need to know that there are many benefits of chocolate that you need to know

1. Preventing Heart Disease

Chocolate nutrition comes from cocoa beans, because cocoa beans are rich in flavonoid plant nutrients among the types of chocolate, dark chocolate which contains the most nutrients and is able to reduce the effect of the risk of heart attack with a percentage of almost 50% and coronary disease by 10%.
Recruiting health experts from Harvard University, consuming moderate amounts of chocolate can also reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat condition that can improve symptoms of stroke, heart failure, and other heart complications.

2. Improve muscle ability

Chocolate is also able to relax the brain nerves and improve the ability to remember because the content of flavanols can help reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

3. Reducing the risk of cancer

Antioxidants in chocolate content are also able to stop the danger of the risk of cancer growth in growing by spreading proteins into the body to deactivate the parts that can trigger the growth of tumor cells.

4. Reducing weight and excess appetite

Consuming chocolate, especially dark chocolate can help regulate appetite. This is because chocolate has a scent that can make our appetite reduced.
Research in 2010 studied the effects of dark chocolate on ghrelin, or a hormone that stimulates appetite and sends hunger signals to the brain. The researchers used 12 women with a body mass index between 18 and 25 as “guinea pigs.” Initially all were asked to consume 85 percent of dark chocolate as much as 30 mg. Then they were divided into two groups, one group ate 30 mg of chocolate again, while the second group only smelled it. The results were surprising, all test participants reported a decrease in appetite and did not want to snack after eating or smelling chocolate.

5. Clean the skin

Some studies argue that consuming chocolate can help protect from harmful UV rays, this can occur because the flavonoid compounds in chocolate help absorb UV light, increase blood flow to the skin, smooth the skin and prevent skin from becoming dehydrated.

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