Fulfill the customers need booth in product and knowledge in order to face future lifestyle in the Cocoa Industry

Produce variety of quality Cocoa products that meet the customers budget and standard requirments

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about us.

Danora Cocoa also known as PT. Danora Agro Prima is a cocoa grinding manufacturer, which established in 2002. We are led by team experienced and specialist in Cocoa roduct and believe in the pursuit of quality and services at every step of the process. We are the trusted Cocoa Supplier and Manufacturer in Indonesia with annual production capacity is estimated to be …………..

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We believe that good products are produced from the best employees, let’s be the best with us and develop innovation together

Why Select Us?

Danora Cocoa has exports its cocoa products to various industrial buyers throughout the world. We are proud to recognize that we successfully met reputable industrial buyers requirments for their products in terms of taste and quality in Europe, Asia and United States.

Latest News

PT. Danora Agro Prima in Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2019. The Ministry of Trade has organized the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) on October 16, 2019. Read More

Danora Cocoa in Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2019

Danora Cocoa in SHIAL China 2019


Danora Cocoa in Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2019

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